Octopus B-series

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Octopus B-series

Medium line of Octopus machines from company ITW Mima Packaging systems for automatic wrapping. It's intended for lines with capacity up to 120 pallets/h.


Because Octopus machines are built on a modular concept their basic structure is the same. So elements can be added to satisfy requirements set by capacity, product protection and stability, from simple to demanding packing solutions.


Product pallets of different heights and sizes (e.g. Chep, Euro, and pallets) can be wrapped automatically. Product wrapping tension is the same whatever the size and shape of the pallet. Octopus is well proven extremely durable and reliable. Its construction means bearings for the rotating ring can be stationed at several points. PU-plated steel bearings and the ring lifting belts reduce the need for maintenance. Octopus machines are quiet in use.


Octopus can be fitted with automatic top sheet equipment for dustproof or waterproof wrapping. The equipment is integrated into the frame construction and so occupies just a little space, and the top sheet is accurately placed on the product pallet.


The wrap cycle start and heat seal height for wrapping can be chosen freely, within the requirements set by the product pallet. Thanks to its ring wrapping structure, Octopus is also well suited to wrapping light and unstable product pallets.


Film prestretch and secondary tightness control

The Octopus Power Pre Stretch carriage carries an efficient pre-stretch device and has continuous control of secondary film tension. Wrapping tension as set by the operator around the product remains constant whatever the size and shape of the product, even at high pre-stretch.


Minimized packing costs

The Power Pre Stretch film carriage feeds the film evenly with a pre-stretch factor up to 300%. At the same time, wrapping tension around the product can be steplessly adjusted to meet the requirements set by the product. Octopus produces a cost-effective package accounting for the customer’s film qualities and thickness. The Octopus makes it easy to calculate film consumption once you know the dimensions of the product pallet and number of wrapping layers.


Meeting the requirements set for product protection and transportation

The shape, weight and palletizing pattern of the product to be packed and delivery to the end customer set requirements for product protection and stability. Octopus ensures the customer receives the product pallet in the condition it left the production facilities. It is possible to set two different tensions for each wrapping program (10 programs as standard). Product-specific wrapping tension makes for optimized product pallet stability and reduces any reclamations resulting from transportation.


Operation of packing equipment and material in production

During a single wrapping cycle, Octopus uses different wrapping tensions at the start, during wrapping and for the heat seal layers. Starting and film sealing are carried out at a preset standard tightness, and the product pallet is wrapped at a program-specific wrapping tension.


Standard options

  • Load stabilizer and top sheet blowing unit
  • Top sheet reel lift
  • Double top sheet unit selection with product pallet size measurement
  • Pre-alarm for film reel end
  • Automatic film reel changer
  • Automatic corner post device integrated into Octopus
  • PackAir carriage decreases condensation in the product pallet
  • Logo Wrap carriage for printed stretch film
  • Film roping for greater product to pallet retention


The Octopus 1800 models

B = Basic model Octopus (23 rpm)

BF = Octopus with frequency controller (44 rpm)

BTS = Octopus with top sheet pulling device

BFTS = Octopus with frequency controller and top sheet pulling device


Technical specification


10-120 pallets/h - depending on pallet height, machine size and type, wrapping program and conveyor speed

Max. pallet diameter

1800 mm

Transport dimensions B/BF

3400x2470x2860 mm (LxWxH)

Weight B/BF

1450 kg

Transport dimensions BTS/BFTS

3700x2470x2860 mm (LxWxH)


1550 kg

Film width

500 mm

Max. film reel diameter

300 mm

Core diameter

76 mm

Max. core length

515 mm

Stretch film thickness

12-30 µm

Top sheet film max. width

1800 mm

Top sheet reel max. diameter

300 mm

Power requirements

3x400 V/50 Hz

Max. input power

5,0 kW

Control voltage

24 V

Compressed air

0,6 MPa, 9 l/cycle

Noise level

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