Octopus Compact

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Octopus Compact

Simple Octopus machine from company ITW Mima Packaging systems for semiautomatic and automatic wrapping.


Octopus Compact is the first of a new generation of stretch wrapping machines that can offer ring wrapping technology for semi-automatic use or where low capacity automation is best suited. The Octopus Compact has the price level of rotating arm and turntable machines, whilst offering the lowest possible consumable and maintenance costs.


Octopus Compact is an ideal solution for unstable pallet loads with production capacity up to 35 pallets/hour. The machine is equipped with an automatic Tail Tucker system, which inserts the film tail under the previous film layer in the end of the wrapping cycle. Octopus Compact can be used as a semi-automatic solution without conveyors or as a wrapping station with some conveyors or combined to an existing wrapping line.

Technical specifications


up to 35 pallets/h - depending on pallet height, wrapping program and wrapping conveyor speed

Max. pallet height

2400 mm (conveyor height + pallet height)

Pallet dimensions

max. 1200x1000 mm, 1200x800 mm

Transport dimensions

2940x2170x1150 mm (LxWxH)


1300 kg

Film width

500 mm

Max. reel diameter

260 mm

Core diameter

76 mm

Film thickness

17-30 µm

Power requirements

3x380 V/50 Hz, 3x400 V/50 Hz, 3x415 V/50 Hz

Max. input power

5,0 kW

Control voltage

24 V

Compressed air

0,6 MPa, 9 l/cycle

Noise level

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