Rolle 8

Stretch film wrapping machines Haloila

Rolle 8

The most simple variant of pallet wrapping machine from company ITW Mima Packaging systems. Main features of this machine are easy to use and robust construction.


1. Wrapping can be started by selecting light or strong wrapping and then start.

  • If necessary, wrapping can be interrupted for the palletisation of products by means of the pause function.


2. The film tension can be adjusted by means of a separate brake roller.

  • A change in the diameter of the film roll does not affect the film tension in the product pallet.
  • The film roll is easy to change.
  • The brake roller can be released to make it easier to fix the film in the product pallet.
  • The height of the product pallet is detected by a photocell.


3. The rotating of the turntable is controlled by a frequency controller. This reduces mechanical stress and the need for maintenance.

  • Thanks to the stepless control of the rotational speed and the smooth start-up of the machine, it is also possible to wrap unstable product pallets.
  • The turntable always stops in the same place. This makes it possible to use a ramp, which is available as an option.


Technical specification

Power requirements

220-240 V/50 Hz

Machine dimensions

2575x1650 mm

Max. height

3000 mm

Turntable diameter

1650 mm

Turntable height

80 mm


360 kg

Rotation speed

1-11 rpm

Max. pallet load dimension

1200x1000 mm

Wrapping height

50-2600 mm

Max. pallet load weight

1200 kg

Film reel diameter

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